Friday, May 27, 2011

Five Simple Steps to Obtain Butterfly Eggs and Caterpillars

One of the simplest ways to obtain butterfly eggs is to collect female butterflies and set them up in a cage to get eggs so that the eggs hatch into caterpillars which later become butterflies.  This can be accomplished by following these basic five steps.

1.  Take a reliable butterfly net and find the variety of butterfly you're looking for in its natural habitat. More.
2.  Learn to separate male butterflies from female butterflies.  More.
3.  Collect a live female butterfly and feed feed her regularly to keep her alive.  More.
4.  Place your female butterfly in a small plastic tub, nylon sleeve, or butterfly cage depending on the variety of butterfly.  More.
5.  Properly care for your eggs before they hatch into caterpillars.  More.

For more information on how to care for butterfly eggs, caterpillars, and the inexpensive equipment needed to rear them through to adult butterfly, please visit us at or please email me at for specific help.

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